J. F. Damian composed an extraordinary compossition, Missa Mendeliana. It was composed to celebrate 200th anniversary of birth of one of the greatest scientis ever, Johann Gregor Mendel, and Mendel’s Laws of Heredity (dominant and recessive alleles). The first rendition of the Mass will take place on July 24, 2022, in the Basilica of Our Lady in Brno, in the Augustinian Abbey, where J. G. Mendel made his breakthrough invetions.

For more than a quarter of a century J. F. Damian is also a leader of the Svítání (means sunrise) band. This band’s music combines modern influences, classical music and folk songs, the band members have played harp, guitars, accordion, violin, cello, they do beautiful harmonies and even collaborate with symphonic orchestras. If interested, listen to some of the band’s songs on YouTube.

An edited record from the concert Svítání played on April 23, 2023, in the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, Old Brno