Day of Wrath

A terryfing, highly politically incorect and gender-unbalanced Guilty-Pleasure-series story, focusing on a Devil’s Cave somewhere in England, singing Dies Irae accompained by electric guitar, a medieval inquisitor, a firefighter from Poland and a famous Academy-Award-winning director. Recommended to those eager to feel frightened during cold winter nights!


The visitors started entering the narrow path and presented their tickets to the guide who rewarded them with a smile. Every visitor cautiously looked up to the massive rock and then slowly stepped in, sometimes with laughter, taking photos on the way in.

And then it happened. When the fifth visitor slipped beneath the rocky trap and vanished in the cave, suddenly the ground shook with a thundering noise.

“It’s moving!” a fat woman shrieked, pointed to the boulder and moved back as quickly as her massive buttocks allowed her. “There are people inside!”

The beauty-guide turned her head to the entrance, hesitated for a moment and then swiftly ran inside. Screams of panic echoed under the overhang, drowned out by another burst of cracks and thunder. The remaining visitors retreated to the safe distance and stared at the terrifying drama that was happening right in front of them.

The boulder swayed for a while and then, as in a slow-motion movie, it fell down with a deafening rumble and sank deep into the ground. The orphaned visitors in front of the cave didn’t move. The thundering noise faded away but they still could feel it vibrating in their bodies. Then silence settled all around and the Devil’s Cave was sealed.

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