Going Home

A tender book called Going Home focuses on the question humankind having been trying to resolve for almost hundred years – Where was God in Auschwitz? Going Home, inspired by author’s pilgrimage from Auschwitz to his home town, answers this question in an unexpected way. What if God was in Auswchitz – and what if he was only there? What if God is not a frightening old figure as having been depicted by famous painters for centuries, but a child that both loves us and is terrifed by what we do?

The book takes the reader not just to places where the most horrible events of the 20th century – and even of the entire history of humankind – took place, but also to ancient Egypt, among a group of smugglers in 1830s, to the Tinian Island in the Pacific Ocean, to the year 7 590 000 000 A.D. or to the Slavkov battle field on November 2, 1805.

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