Almost Zero Chances

The first of J. F. Damian’ s Guilty Pleasure (of writing pulp fiction) series of books. What is your chance to get into a plane accident? Virtualy zero. Cynics like to say the most dangerous part of the journey is when you drive to the airport. What is your chance to survive a plane crash? Even much less. Nevertheless, there are people who survived even two plane crashes! No way, you say. But, what if we try to increase the number of accidents, this time situated in a bleak landscape of a Romanian mountain range? Then, a black swan suddenly appears, mocks us with waving its wings above our heads and flies away in style.

A cynical, noir-style story from Transylvania, numerous dead bodies, many hidden secrets and traps the author has set for you! Since virtually every rule how to write a successful book is broken here, fun ensured!


“It can´t be possible that one of us is a killer Alex!”

“Sorry, John, but it probably can. We gotta put our money on the red in this deadly game of roulette and hope the ball doesn’t end up on the black.”

“We have a fifty per cent chance that one of us is a murderer, but if that is the case, it´s much easier for him. He can kill with no witnesses.”

Alex turned back to me.

“Okay, you go first.”


“I don´t wanna get stabbed without warning.”

“I got no knife. And it´s bullshit. It´s  risky for two in the mountains. You should be a three at least. To kill the only other guy is like suicide, isn´t it?”

“Three people in the mountains? Never heard of that,” Alex said.

He may not know a lot about mountains. Actually, what is he like? I”ll have to check him out a little.

“You’ve never been to the mountains?”

“Yeah, a few times. Since I was let out.”

“Let out? Out of where?”

“The slammer, boy, the slammer!”

Oh my God, I’m with a jailbird! The ball is edging close to the black.

“Why did they lock you up?”

My voice shook like the breasts of the girl at the airport. It seemed ages ago!

“Well, it doesn´t matter…”

“No, it does!” I yelled.

“You… you´re scared?” Alex roared with laughter. He was a lunatic!


“Yeah, you´re chickening out. You´re a cool character!” he laughed even more. He was playing cat and mouse with me.

“I´m not scared!”I’m full of rage. I cooked it up myself. If I had voted to go on ahead, we could have stayed together. He could have vented his fury on the other two. Or simply controlled himself. Now  I´m left at his mercy. What am I going to do now?

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