Hitting the Poll’s Eye

Another book from the Guilty Pleasure series where the author satisfied his vainglorious urge to write a magnificent thriller situated in USA. You will meet FBI agents, expensive prostitutes, American presidents, the Oval Office, and everything we all know from poor American movies.

Hitting an eye does not necessarily mean to score 10 in a dart game. Can anyone make a correct estimate how presidential election of the U.S. president would wind up in each and every of its 50 states? Yes, it happened, but what is your chance to hit the poll’s eye 50 times, whey your estimates are based on a pure chance? A simple math tells us this is virtually impossible. However, what if this is exactly what happens? This is a mind-boggling idea and it feels like you cannot trust your common sense anymore. Nevertheless, there’s no time to wonder since you suddenly see a red dot of laser sight, inexorably getting closer and closer to you…

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